About Us


To be the premier professional International education organization for those engaged in business education.


To enhance the international perspective of business and business education professionals.


  • Provide international educational opportunities
  • Provide international networking opportunities
  • Exchange experiences in business education
  • Encourage and maintain links between business education and business (new)
  • Provide diversity through experiencing various cultures
  • Encourage the development of chapters
  • Address common challenges in national chapters


Founded in 1901, in Zurich, Switzerland, SIEC-ISBE International was established for those professionals interested only in business education instead of the more common interests of technical education societies at that time.  

Dr. Stegemann from Brunswick, Germany served as the first president for the organization.   The Inaugural Assembly of SIEC (then SIDEC, la Société Internationale pour le Développement de l’Enseignement Commercial) was held in Zurich from 11 – 13 July 1901.  Members attending this first meeting were from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, and Switzerland. 

Commemorating its 100th anniversary, members celebrated at the annual international conference in Zurich, Switzerland in 2001.  The organization has grown throughout the years and currently consists of multiple national chapters and of individual international members from several countries.  The 110th anniversary was celebrated in Basel, Switzerland in 2011.