Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee was established by the Executive Committee to better facilitate the professional development of our members.

Chairperson:  Gerry Begeman, USA​

Mission:  To establish and maintain a structure to provide professional growth of members throughout the year.

Goals of the Professional Development Committee:
Goal 1:  facilitate professional interactions for teaching, research, and partnerships in and between education and business
Goal 2:  Organize and support professional development at the SIEC Annual International Conference
Goal 3:  Provide opportunities for professional growth of all SIEC members, such as formal interactions regarding academic programs and opportunities for student and faculty exchanges.

Structure of the Professional Development Committee:
Committee Chairperson will serve on the Executive Committee

  1. Three-year term with the possibility of one reappointment 
  2. Appointed from the membership at large
  3. Application to be submitted to the EC; the EC makes the appointment (similar to the way the GS is appointed) 
  4. Must be an active member of his/her national chapter
  5. Must be an active member of SIEC International
  6. Must have attended a recent SIEC Conference at least three times in the last six years
  7. Must attend all EC Meetings
  8. Must attend SIEC International Conferences during the term as Chair (can be removed for failure to attend the conference)


  1. Each chapter may appoint two persons to serve as the official voting member of the committee.  Term is three years and may be re-appointed by the Chapter President for one additional term
  2. The official member will be expected to attend the SIEC Annual International Conference
  3. A substitute may be sent to the committee meeting as the official representative of the national chapter 


  1. May be any interested person who is SIEC-ISBE member
  2. Does not have voting privileges on the committee; however, the member-at-large is encouraged to discuss and offer opinions to facilitate the work of the committee
  3. May serve on the committee as long as they are a contributing member
  4. May serve on the committee by participating in various activities even if unable to attend international conferences (such as working with social media, website submissions, pedagogical session reviews, authors items for the newsletter or website, etc.)

Professional Development Committee Guidelines

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2021-Marketplace Trieste

2019-Marketplace Greece Report

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2016-PDC Activities

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Past Conference Presentations

Teaching Tips, Lesson Plans, and Activities submitted by members.

A Networking Action Plan developed at the 2013 International Conference.